Our Mini f1B Goldendoodle puppies are a hybrid cross of a Goldendoodle dam and a Moyen Poodle sire. (A moyen poodle has the  gorgeous, leggy look of a Standard poodle but in a compact size.) This combination has the benefits of providing a dog with the wonderful temperament of the golden retriever with minimal shedding.  The puppies are a healthier and a more hypo allergenic dog than the Golden Retriever in a compact size. With both the sire and dam of each litter being under 30 pounds, this truly allows for a mini Goldendoodle. Starting with a small sire and dams allows the puppies to be approximately 20-30 pounds when full grown.

Breeding & Raising

Mini F1b Goldendoodles..

For the Love of Mini Golden Doodle puppies


Well-Bred, great temperament. Mini Goldendoodles make wonderful companions.  

Welcome to Love my mini golden doodles!!!

We are a small breeder. Our doodles are part of our family. They sleep in our home and socialize with our family. This results in happy well socialized puppies. We specialize in reds and creams with soft curly or wavy coats. Our puppies do well with those with allergies. f1B doodles have little to no shedding. Doodles are loyal and do extremely well with children.